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Ask Us?

How long before you offer residential service in my area?

Ok, great question and the #1 question we get every day!  We know you are frustrated, we are frustrated too, we are scaling as quickly as we can, but currently, we only offer some residential service in Falmouth, Woods Hole and Hyannis (downtown).   That is why we are gathering this information, to try to steer infrastructure dollars to our local communities.  

What is stopping OpenCape from scaling more quickly?

Again, great question.   OpenCape is financially strong and sustainable, as a 501c3 nonprofit we reinvest all of our revenue back into expanding the network and providing robust, reliable and affordable service to drive economic development in our region.  We connect schools, hospitals, universities, police, fire, municipalities, large and small businesses, libraries and many, many more.   The cost to connect a home is approximately $2,500 per home ( that is if you do a whole town at once).  Let us use the Cape as an example.....there are @168,000 homes on Cape Cod.    We are working hard to ensure that the Cape, Island's & Southeastern MA secure their fair share of funding to expand the fiber infrastructure and connect more people.

Is Fiber better than my current coaxial service via those other guys?

Ummmm.      Yes.    100% unequivocally YES! !!!   Why?   it is simple.   Today our network is capable of delivering up to 400 GBPS to any customer.   Fiber allows us to move more data, more efficiently, that is why it is a future-focused solution.  COVID showed us bandwidth usage is not going to decrease, demand will not decrease....we need to be funding solutions for the next 50 years...not more band-aids and expanding technology that was obsolete 10 years ago.

What can I do to help?

The most immediate and simple thing you can do is to take a speed test on this site and share the URL with your friends and family! .........Then

  1. Talk to your Town Administrator
  2. Speak with your Select Board Members
  3. Speak with your Local Representative or Senator
  4. Write to The Governor

Why should I take a speed test?

We need to demonstrate that you are currently unserved or underserved by your current provider. Underserved meaning that you are getting less robust service than you thought you were buying. Why is that important? It is important because as broadband infrastructure funds and ARPA dollars are distributed speed test data will be a critical tool in determining which communities receive financial assistance.

Is OpenCape a not-for-profit?  Do you take donations?

Yes, OpenCape is an IRS-approved 501c3 not-for-profit organization.   We are also a technology company.   While OpenCape generates a profit and reinvests that into expanding the network.  Donations are always welcome. Donations can be mailed to OpenCape, PO BOX 1148, Barnstable MA 02630 or you can email Steven Johnston directly at to discuss a leadership gift